As the holiday season approaches, more and more small businesses understand the importance of giving back to their community. Whether they’re dressing up as Santa or organizing a toy drive, small businesses are embracing the holiday spirit.

Sadly, many families have been greatly impacted by the novel coronavirus. In October The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reported 2.4 million Americans have been unemployed for at least 27 weeks or longer. With numbers this high, many families are forced to choose between paying the bills and putting food on the table or providing Christmas presents for their children.

Luckily, there’s plenty of ways that small businesses can support those affected by the novel coronavirus while giving back to their community this holiday season. If you have a small business and you’d like to support families when they need you the most, then there’s no time like the present. For a complete list of ways to support your community and spread holiday cheer, be sure to keep reading.

1. Organize a Food Drive

With so many people out of work, more and more families are finding themselves faced with food insecurities. As food pantries prepare for a second wave of the coronavirus, they’re collecting as much food as possible in anticipation of families in need.

A fantastic way your small business can give back this holiday season is by hosting a food drive. If you’re planning on visiting local children dressed as Santa and offering pictures with Old Kris Kringle, considering placing a donations box for non-perishables. Begin by contacting your local food pantry for a list of items, and include them with your advertisement.

2. Toy Donations

Toy donations are another excellent way of supporting your local community and helping less fortunate children have a wonderful holiday despite financial hardships. To make things easier for those who wish to donate, consider making an Amazon Wish List. Select a wide range of children’s toys to ensure kids of all ages receive something to make their holiday season merry and bright.

Local hospitals also accept new toys, so look for ways to partner with them. Many children suffering from various illnesses may not get to spend their holidays at home, and toy donations are always a way of helping them celebrate the holidays no matter where they are. For parents overwhelmed with hospital bills, you’ll help them provide gits for their children during a critical time.

3. Charitable Contributions

Monetary donations are another wonderful way of giving back to the community this holiday season. Since charities help those in need all year long, they often have a reserve of funds at the ready. Consider an ad campaign for your local business advertising a portion of your proceeds being sent straight to various organizations.

You can also offer your services as another means of donating. If you’re a freelance writer for hire, consider writing free resumes for those seeking employment. Or maybe you’re a pastry chef looking to donate a cake to a less fortunate family celebrating a special event.

Whatever type of business you own, there are countless ways to give back. When someone wills a home to charity, it often needs a professional cleanout service. Companies specializing in professional cleanouts can sort through possessions and donate items on behalf of the surviving family members.

Professional cleanout companies offer estate cleanouts and so much more, so offering these services for those in need is a great way to help your community. Consider offering this service free of charge to help the organization receiving the estate.

Be sure to provide your contact information so those in need know how to reach you.

4. Sponsorship Programs

Another heartwarming way of supporting your local community is by sponsoring or adopting a family in need. You’ll find yourself playing the role of a real-life Santa as you fill their home with presents for the holidays. You can take it a step further and purchase their holiday meals on their behalf or provide them with restaurant or grocery store gift cards.

It’s a thoughtful and generous way to help a family at a time when they need it most.

5. Find Ways to Volunteer

While year-long volunteer efforts are always in demand and met with great appreciation, the holidays are truly a time for giving. Consider volunteering at a local soup kitchen or the animal shelter, as our furry friends also need holiday cheer.

Your local food pantry will also welcome your volunteer efforts with open arms. As the proverb says, the more the merrier, and food pantries need all the help they can get.

Small Businesses Spreading Holiday Cheer

Now that you know how small businesses give back to the community, get ready to spread some holiday cheer. Whether you host a toy or food drive or spend your off-hours volunteering, your efforts will be met with smiles from ear to ear.

Small businesses depend on the support of local patrons, and shopping locally has countless benefits for the community as a whole. We at BJM Cleanouts understand the importance of giving back this holiday season and all year long. Most recently, we participated in a local food drive and are working to support the Holiday Toy Drive for kids fighting cancer with Tomorrows Children’s Fund at Hackensack University Medical Center.

Contact us today to inquire about the ways BJM Cleanouts gives back to the community and for more information on our junk removal services. We’re committed to our community and towards giving back, season after season, year after year.